One-day Simulation Games Within the Project "Get on board!"
One-day Simulation Games Within the Project "Get on board!"

The implementation of the final phase of the project "Get on Board! Mobilizing young leaders to support the EU enlargement process towards the Western Balkans" of the German Foundation "Konrad Adenauer ", in partnership with the Institute for Social Integration (ISI), started in November. Both organizations are members of the European Network of Political Foundations (ENoP).

As we have already informed you, in the beginning of September, 25 youth leaders had a three-day training on the process of EU enlargement. Part of the learning experience was a one-day simulation game that re-created the accession process of candidate countries - from applying for EU membership to the final vote of EP and signing contracts for membership. In this way the  project achieved its main goal - promoting the expansion of the European Community through young multipliers and leaders, who show their peers how complex, dynamic, and exciting at the same time is the way to Europe.

As a major partner, ISI supports the project implementation in Bulgaria. At the final stage the trained youth leaders assumed the role of multipliers and made a commitment to carry out their own one-day simulation games in their youth communities. Within the Bulgarian part of the project, 5 one-day games will be organized and carried out, which will be spread throughout November.

The first game is already a fact – on November 4 (Saturday) Stella Pechinova, a member of the Youth Network at "Podkrepa" already carried out her simulation game in Varna.

The next games begin soon - on November 10 (Saturday) two simulation games will be held simultaneously. One is organized by Stanislava Genadieva from the NGO "Obektiv", Pernik; the other is organized by Elizabeth Bozhinova from the Student Association for Study of International Relations /SAIMO/.

Next weekend (November 18) we expect the game of Yavor Nankov from the European Information Centre. During the last weekend of the month (November 24), the simulation of Christian Daskalov from the National Union of Students, will be carried out, with the logistical support of the Global Development Organization.

30 young people will take part in each of the games. Within one day they will play the roles of representatives of Candidate Countries, European Parliament, European Commission, Council of the European Union and the media. Depending on these roles, they will have the opportunity to develop skills for negotiations, public speaking, writing press releases and news, teamwork, etc. At the end of the day each participant will receive a certificate.

About 200 people will be trained within the project.