ISI is a Member of the Board of Directors of ENoP
ISI is a Member of the Board of Directors of ENoP

On November 27, 2012 the annual meeting of the General Assembly of the European Network of Political Foundations (ENoP) was held in Stockholm, Sweden.

As a member and founder of the network, ISI was presented by the Chairman of the Board of Directors Katya Koleva. At this meeting, together with "Jean Jaures" Fondation, ISI, in the person of Katia Koleva, was elected member of the Board of ENoP, representing the political family of Socialists and Democrats in the European Union (S&D Party Family).

ENoP is an independent participant promoting democracy, cooperation and development of political dialogue, established in 2006. ISI is its founder. The network includes 67 organizations from 25 countries, closely related to the 6 major political families, represented in the European Parliament.

For more information about the network, visit its website.