Round table “Opportunities for Economic Development”
Round table “Opportunities for Economic Development”


The Institute and “Friedrich Ebert” Foundation presented a thorough analysis of the Bulgarian tax system and economic prospects for the country.

During the seminar the working group, composed of Boyko Petev, Georgi Kadiev, Katya Koleva, Lyubomir Ganchev, prof. Mihail Mirchev and Rusi Statkov, presented its proposals on the topic “Opportunities for Economic Development”.

Lyubomir Ganchev from The Institute summarized the main conclusion in the report: the reindustrialization of Bulgaria through the active role of the state as supportive, encouraging, and creating the economy of supply is the main way of development, and it requires the whole potential of the nation.

The purpose of the presentation was to serve as a basis for debate on the economic opportunities for development. According to Pencho Hubchev from "Friedrich Ebert " Foundation our country has three major problems – lack of rule of law, corruption and poverty, and all of them are interconnected.

Here you can see the slides, and here is the report from the meeting.