Launch of the Academy for Social Policy
Launch of the Academy for Social Policy

Today, April 8th, 2016, the first module of the Academy for Social Policy of the Institute for Social Integration was launched.

In the next two days, the participants in the Academy will undergo a training, which covers the principles of effective communication, public speech and working with civil society.

In the panel "Free zone for questions," the participants will have the opportunity to talk with MP Stoyan Mirchev.

In 2016 twenty people participate in the Academy for Social Policy, studying in one group. They are chosen among 60 nominated participants from across the country, after a selection based on a cover letter and a questionnaire. The program of the Academy includes four modules:

First module "Society. Politics. Communication" (April 8-10, Bankya)

Second module "Political process. Conflicts, negotiations, mediation" (May 26-29)

Third module "Teamwork and leadership. Campaigns. Media. "(June 16-19)

Fourth module "Organizational Management" (September 8-11)

The evaluation is done through a credit system. The trainees who get 20 credits graduate the Academy successfully and receive a certificate for the mastered knowledge and skills.