Admission Interviews for Participation 2013
Admission Interviews for Participation 2013

Admission interviews will be carried out on 16 and 17 March 2013 in Plovdiv and Veliko Tarnovo, for the selection of candidates for the upcoming training within "Civil observers for monitoring - fair elections 2013" project.

Candidates will write on site a motivational text on "Why do I want to participate in the training?" and will go through an individual interview in front of a camera, answering the questions "What is the most important thing in my native place?" and "What would I change if it were up to me?", and will also reply to questions concerning their political culture.

After evaluation of the results, made by an Expert Commission, a group of 25 people will be formed for the training. During the training, they will acquire and develop skills related to political participation, civil processes and electoral rules. Together with the main team that was trained, on the Election Day, the observers’ network will reach 400 people. The methodology of the Academy for Social Policy will be applied during the training.

The training program will cover the following topics, included in the main panels: "Citizens participation in the electoral process", "Organizational management of the teams", "Public behavior of the civil observers", "Citizens participation and public policy". Participants will go through a simulation of the Election Day in order to achieve maximum clarity and expertise. On the Election Day itself they will be registered as civil observers.