Election 2013: Media Environment and Election Process
Election 2013: Media Environment and Election Process


On 10.04.2013, Wednesday, at 10:00 p.m. at BTA Press-Club, "Tsarigradsko Shosse" № 49, the Institute for Social Integration (ISI) organized a discussion on "Elections 2013: Media Environment and the Electoral Process". The event was part of the "Civil Observers for Monitoring - Fair Elections 2013", implemented in partnership with the Foundation for European and Progressive Studies (FEPS).

After analyzing the Electoral Law, as a first step of the monitoring activities, Stefan Georgiev, sociologist and coordinator of the media monitoring activities, will introduce the second Module. There will be four other people in his team, who will work on media monitoring till May 13th 2013.

Introductory theses will be presented by:

-          Prof. Mihail Mirchev, sociologist, ASSA-M Agency, Chairman of the Bulgarian Sociological Association, member of the General Assembly of ISI

-          Dr. Yuri Aslanov, sociologist, AFIS Agency, member of the Board of ISI

-          Nidal Algafari, PR and media expert, member of the Board of ISI

Highlights of the discussion:

  1. Media environment in Bulgaria. Changes, trends and major problem areas. Defects and opportunities for change.
  2. Media and elections. What are the expectations of media within the official campaign of the 2013 Parliamentary Elections.