Roundtable "Employment Growth and Prosperity" (2012)


Project contractors: ISI and Foundation for European and Progressive Studies (FEPS)

Implementation period: October 2012

Source of funding: FEPS

A Roundtable "Employment Growth and Prosperity - European Policies on National Solutions" was held on October 17, 2012 at hotel "Sheraton", "Royal 3" Hall.

The discussion was attended by: Katya Koleva, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ISI and  Board Member of FEPS; Sergey Stanishev, President of the National Assembly of the Bulgarian Socialist Party /BSP/, Chairman of the Parliamentary Group of "Coalition for Bulgaria" and President of PES; Alfred Gusenbauer, Chairman of the Research Program "Next Left" and former Chancellor of Austria. Among the participants, there were representatives of non-governmental and professional organizations, experts, parliamentarians and diplomats.

The forum was divided into three panels:

Panel 1: "The new socio-economic paradigm - Basic characteristics and specific national features" with introductory reports by Dr. Ignacio Urkizo, Professor at the University "Complutense" and a member of FEPS focus group “Next Left”; and Georgi Pirinski, Vice President of the National Assembly of the Bulgarian Socialist Party, Vice Chairman of the National Assembly and a member of the Advisory Board for Progressive Societies of PES.

Panel 2: "The dual challenge of achieving increased employment and increased prosperity” with introductory reports by Katya Vladimirova, Professor and Doctor in Economics; and Anya Shkripek, Senior Fellow, FEPS.

Panel 3: "European policies on national decisions related to the dual challenge of employment and prosperity” with introductory reports by Amandine Crespi, assistant at the University "Libre de Bruxelles" and a member of the Youth Academic Community of FEPS; and Atanas Paparizov, Chairman of the EU Council for Membership, National Priorities and EU Funds within the Bulgarian Socialist Party /BSP/.

Program of the Forum.

Program Board