"Academy for civil observers"

In 2013, using the training methodology of its long-term project "Academy of Social Policy" as well as its expert team of lecturers, ISI launched "Academy for Civil Observers". The project is implemented in partnership with the Foundation for European and Progressive Studies /FEPS/, where ISI is a member since 2006.

The Academy trained 23 representatives of various municipalities who, during the period of elections’ observation, had the task to coordinate the work of all registered observers and to instruct them competently, based on the received training.

It was based on the experience gained from the implementation of the civil observation in 2011, Local and Presidential elections, when the observation was joined by members of the Alumni Club.

 The project participants sat for an entrance interview and were selected among the 90 candidates. They went through 4-module training and received certificates at its end.


First training module: "Politics and democracy. Political process. Political regimes and political ideologies. Values. Parties. Civil society. The Left and Right in politics. "

Second training module: "Teams and leadership. Party structures and campaigners. Political and election campaigns. Polls . Election day."

Third training module: "Political Communication. Working with media. Resolving conflicts. Negotiations. Conclusions and analysis of Monitoring 2013."

Fourth training module: "Public interest and public policy. Workshops and meetings. Planning in policy and project development. Monitoring 2014".