"Europe on a Doorstep"- Final report
"Europe on a Doorstep"- Final report

Strand 2 – Measure 2.2 "Networks of Towns"

6 events have been carried out within this project:

Event 1. The aim of the event was to establish partnership among organisations, get to know each other, present and discuss the project and partnership plan, present the project to media and public, as well as agree on the future steps in implementation of the project.

Event 2. The aim of the event was to train future community leaders, and develop activity plan for EU elections 2019. Besides that, the public sessions were organised. During the EU elections each partner organisation has implemented local campaigns, using the centralized campaign that was provided on the online platform, and do monitoring and research of this process, based on the outcomes of the event.

Event 3.The aim of the event was to present and discuss examples of good practices, results, feedbacks and experience from the research and implementation of local campaigns

Event 4. The aim of the event was to discover and discuss local realities, as well as to host Tool Fair by a local community council. Participants have prepared tools that can be used or which are needed for the work in the field of the project topic, visited different organisations, projects, institutions and communities dealing with the topic.

Event 5. The aim of the event was to host participants, community leaders, representatives of community councils and other stakeholders from involved communities, and to provide them with an opportunity to present results of the project to the public, institutions, decision makers and other stakeholder. It has also included representatives of EU delegation, national EU integration authority, diplomatic corps, civil society, media and other stakeholder, together with the other citizens relevant for EU integration of candidate countries of the region.

Event 6. The aim of the event was to hold a complex evaluation of the project, its activities and results, as well as plan the dissemination activities and future cooperation among partners.

You can find the final report of project "Europe on a Doorstep" here.